The Hudsucker Proxy

Naive young business school graduate is installed as the new president of Hudsucker Industries as part of a scheme by the board to manipulate the company's stock.

What About Bob?

Clingy, multi-phobic Bob Wiley has destroyed psychiatrists and charmed everyone else. Egotistical Dr. Leo Marvin finds out just how much therapy Bob desperately wants.

Death to Smoochy

Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams) is fired from his children's show for accepting bribes, while his naive successor, Smoochy the Rhino (Edward Norton), learns the dark and corrupting corners of the industry.

Back to School

Self-made clothing store giant, Thornton Melon (Rodney Dangerfield), learns his son wants to drop out of college, and decides to motivate his son by buying admission into the school.

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